Conference: Power Insights into the World of Security

The world is increasingly moving towards an era of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in security and surveillance systems. Deep Learning takes it a step further with by enabling even more powerful analytics to recognise suspicious activity without much human supervision.

The benefits of Deep learning for face recognition and image classification make it extremely valuable in the field of security as facial recognition allows for easy identification of suspects, vehicle detection, and also behaviour analysis. So, rather than remaining reactive the security and surveillance systems are evolving to become more proactive in nature.

As ICT gets tightly embedded into security and surveillance systems, more and more cyber attacks are targeted towards hacking into such systems and wreak havoc. The architecture around IoT, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics is yet to mature in security systems and it is this very loophole that cyber criminals are trying to exploit. The world is going to be increasingly connected in terms of sharing of information and any security system that does not use cyber security best practices is likely to fall victim to the nefarious designs of cyber criminals.

The use of Artificial Intelligence is expected to grow 18% over the next few years to enable this market reach $10.3 billion by 2030. The emergence of new technologies such as autonomous vehicles and industry-wide standards such as adaptive cruise control, blind spot alert, and advanced driver assistance systems have the potential to disrupt the way transportation of goods has been handled in our services.

By 2050, the world will have more than six billion people living in urban cities. Therefore, a lot of efforts needs to go into making these cities safe, convenient and energy-efficient for the people to lead meaningful lives. A safe city should be able to provide 24X7 safety and security to its citizens, smart and new-age technology solutions across all walks of life and above all solutions that connect with each other seamlessly and in the shortest possible time.

SAFE South India 2019 shall conduct at two-day conference to deliberate on the new-age challenges to security of cities and organisations, the role played by AI and IoT in making surveillance systems more robust, and challenges to information security.

Some of the topics to be discussed include:

  • Securing Cities through Extensive Use of Technology
  • Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Video Surveillance More Potent
  • How Data Analytics Can Ensure Safer Cities and Organisations
  • The Role of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in National Security
  • Connecting Physical Assets and Cities through IoT
  • Insulating Security and Surveillance Systems from Cyber Attacks


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