Govt should consider security as a basic necessity, reduce the GST to 5% and make it affordable for small buyers and consumers

Anand Jain, Founder Director, eSSL dwells on the current security scenario in India, various technologies that are going to redefine security in future, and the steps government needs to take to give impetus to security solutions

Interviewed by Adeesh Sharma

  1. What are your views on the security market in India and what is required to promote awareness around various security solutions?

The Indian electronic security market has grown rapidly in the last 5 years and we are looking forward to 30% + annual growth over next 5 years. I still feel the penetration of electronic security systems is quiet low in India compared to major economies of the world and hence provides huge scope for the growth. Over last few years and specially post GST , there is a lot of consolidation in the market. Well organized brands with product innovation, product variety and vertical solutions are gaining market share whereas unbranded/smaller brands are facing stiff challenges.

Awareness of different types of security products, solutions and applications is quiet low in tier 2 and tier 3 markets. SMB segment is still investing on hardware devices rather than integrated security solutions which results in low productivity . Organizers like UBM together with various government and industry partners can contribute a lot by organizing smaller events across the country.

  1. What technologies are going to be hot in the security domain this year?

Facial recognition, Artificial intelligence and Video analytics will become standard requirements for large projects. Specialized vertical solutions for Banking, Transportation, Retail, Education, smart city will be preferred over standard hardware and software. Integrated security platforms combining surveillance, Access, Fire and alarm systems are in high demand as customers expect performance synergy among different security systems, rapid preventive action and reduction in overall security risks.

  1. What are the USPs of your biometric and access control systems that help you score over competition?

eSSL has a strong customer centric R&D team specialized in Biometrics and Access control solutions. This has helped us in developing products and solutions required for different vertical industries. eSSL with over 5,00,000 clients,  is one of the most preferred Biometric and Access control brand not only for large corporates but even for small and medium enterprises across industries. Our sales/service/support channel is present in every state/district of India and thus for clients looking for multi-location implementation, eSSL becomes the first choice.

  1. What more can the government do to give impetus to the overall security market in India?

Govt should consider security as basic necessity and reduce the GST to 5% and make it affordable for small buyers and consumers. Even if 5% of residences are secured with electronic security devices, India will be much safer place. There is a lack of standards and trained manpower in the industry. Most time security devices are not installed and maintained properly. Government should create standards for major security products, installation and maintenance. More youth should be trained under PMKKY.

  1. The recent budget hasn’t done much to assuage the demands of the security vendors in India. What are your views?

The priority for Government has been different. Considering majority of the people are in rural areas and dependent on agriculture and unorganized sector, most funds have been diverted towards that, leaving little scope for investment in security systems. Safety and security of citizens and assets has been given very low importance. Industry associations should take up the matter at different levels of government and create more awareness.


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