H-Bot Robotics Unveils a Smart Police Robot in Hyderabad

Robocop is a smart police robot that has been manufactured by H-Bot Robotics, a Hyderabad based startup. The robot imitates the job of a police cop and can take complaints, detect bombs, identify suspects, interact with people, answer their queries, etc. While designing a humanoid, the manufacturer’s conceived the idea of a smart police robot with more enhanced facilities based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.

The Hyderabad police plans to deploy the robot cop for active duties at the Jubilee check post. H-Bots founder Kisshhan P.S.V. had said earlier that unlike the robot in Dubai, which moved only on wheels, the smart cop can walk, recognise people, take complaints and defuse bombs.

“We are building capacity to produce 10 such private police robots which can be private security guards and can be deployed in hotels, hospitals and offices,” he said. The smart police robot was manufactured at the H-Bots Robotics lab, the first in south India and second of its kind in the country after Delhi. This facility has a capacity for 50 researchers and has tied up with 40 associates across the country. Mr Kisshhan said the firm would be able to produce 10 such robots a year. “Our plan is to make them available at a price of Rs 3 lakh each so that they are affordable to many. Our dream is to make Hyderabad known for robotics in the world,” he added.



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