Security Personnel to be Equipped with Body Cameras at Airports

The end of next month should see CISF personnel across 59 key airports in India wearing miniature cameras fitted to their uniforms, as a quite measure to check growing incidents of security breaches. These cameras would allow them to keep an eye on all suspicious movements around them in airports and help to tighten vigil to prevent any untoward incident. Around Rs three crores has been set aside by the government for the purchase of around 500 such cameras and the bidding process is already on. The cameras are expected to record high quality video and audio and are going to be placed on the shoulders of the CISF personnel.

It would also help to keep a tab on unruly passengers and let law enforcement agencies find out who’s on the right and on the wrong side of law in case of disputes with security personnel. The gadgets shall also record the passenger movements during the frisking process, thus making it more secure. Former CISF Director General Mr. O.P. Singh initiated the process of buying these cameras, each of which costs around Rs. 60,000. “The plan was initiated by him to ensure better surveillance at airports. The device can be checked later for both audio and video evidence,” CISF Assistant Inspector General Hemendra Singh said.

It has been observed of late that some passengers indulge in unruly behaviour and have also been abusing CISF personnel on duty. This leads to unpleasant situations.”Now, this camera will allow the CISF personnel to carry out their duties without any fear or hindrance.” Singh added. These miniature cameras are a common feature in western countries and have been shortlisted following a three-month trial conducted by the CISF at Delhi and Mumbai airports.

The presence of cameras on CISF personnel’s uniforms also act as a deterrent for mischief mongers as most such people calm down after noticing them. The CISF is going to deploy these cameras in stages and in the first lot, 500 cameras are expected to be bought — and distributed among 59 major and minor airports all over the country.


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