Conference: The Changing Paradigm in Security Technologies

By 2050, the world will have more than six billion people living in urban cities. Therefore, a lot of efforts needs to go into making these cities safe, convenient and energy-efficient for the people to lead meaningful lives. A safe city should be able to provide 24X7 safety and security to its citizens, smart and new-age technology solutions across all walks of life and above all solutions that connect with each other seamlessly and in the shortest possible time.

However, a big concern for any major city is to protect its residents against terror attacks. By adopting technologies that inhibit the movement of terrorists and also that help residents maintain a reasonable level of deterrence, we can ensure fool-proof security. This is an evolving area and more and more tech solutions are released each day. However, choosing the right security solution is based on the geographical location of a town, potential sources of security threats, the ease and accessibility of security solutions, and the skill level of security forces.

Another key area of concern is related to meeting energy needs of a city. Energy-efficient solutions are the need of the hour and there is a lot of technology available that allow us to reduce energy consumption in even in areas where nobody thought we could.

Similarly, smart cameras monitor traffic and can automatically divert traffic in case of congestion. We can look at many such examples where technology can help improve security and ease day-to-day challenges faced by residents.

As part of the endeavour to bring key stakeholders in the security domain on one platform and to deliberate on the new-age challenges to security of cities and organisations.

  • Tech that Help Bolster the Security of a New-Age City
  • How Artificial Intelligence Can be of Great Help in Improving Urban Transportation
  • The Critical Role of Visual Analytics in Ensuring Safe Cities
  • How Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Can be Effectively Used to Patrol Our Borders
  • New Technologies that are Set to Transform Integrated Building Management Systems
  • IoT: Where Have We Reached in Terms of Securing Our Assets
  • The Threat of Cyber Security Attacks on Surveillance Systems
  • How Blockchain Ensures Effective Identity Management
  • How Deep Learning Technologies Add Value to Surveillance Systems